Thursday, 28 August 2008

"I'm Tiger Woods" says Jesus

A couple of weeks ago I watched a funny video by EA Sports themselves (that I assumed was quite old) of Tiger Woods walking on water and taking a shot onto the green with a ball that landed on a water-lily! Then this morning in the Metro I discovered that it is in fact a new video from EA Sports to promote the upcoming "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09". SO I thought I would mention it.

The video is clever in that it takes the form of a YouTube response to a video that was posted back in August 2007 of a glitch a user found in the Xbox version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

I quite enjoy when companies can be light-hearted about their work. I'm sure some peoples' initial thoughts at EA Sports was to go back to the code and create a patch for the game to remove the glitch (which they probably did as well!), but some smart people thought almost the complete opposite. Why not draw attention to the bug and create a viral campaign in time for the next installment of the game? All while giving Tiger Woods a further ego boost. He is now officially Jesus!

This works well as a YouTube video, playing on its viral nature. I doubt the quality of the initial clip that sparked this response would be transferable to a TV audience, but as nearly 1.5 million people have seen the clip as it is (at the time of going to post!) and it has been getting increased awareness through the traditional press anyway, I am sure that EA Sports need not worry about trying it!

As Tiger Woods won't be playing golf until 2009 (due to his surgery) this will be a welcome boost of advertising to the PGA Tour 09 game as very little sporting news will be going Tiger Woods' way.

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