Thursday, 14 August 2008


A quick little note on a great little tool I came across today.

Block Posters is a free to use service in which you can blow up a picture into poster form.

You can upload any photo or picture you want, select which paper size you wish to use (e.g. A4) and how big you would like to make the poster. It shows you the structure of how the poster will be broken up before it then allows you to download a fully-constructed PDF file that is ready to print.

Admittedly this is probably only going to be of use to University students as it will save money on decorating the dorm room and give the opportunity to have a poster that isn't a world map, atomic bomb explosion or The Rat Pack.

It is a very simple system that isn't exactly taking technology to new fronteirs but could potentially be useful to some people none-the-less. Just make sure that a good quality photo is used otherwise pixels the size of your fist could result!

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