Friday, 29 August 2008

Winged Cat - China Sensation

A "Winged Cat" in China has been causing a bit of a sensation on the net today.

Following recent stories about the iPhone Girl and the Second Brother on the Right, it seems that little stories happening in China seem to be causing a world-wide-web tidal wave!

The cat is reported to come from the Qingyan province in China. The owner claims that the tabby started to develop 2 bumps on its back before they eventually grew into wings.

winged cat

As this photo of the winged cat in question shows, it is hardly going to fly away. In fact, Wikipedia has a surprisingly lengthy article on the winged cat phenomenon. The article suggests that the winged cat phenomenon is caused by mats in the fur, deformed layers of the skin or appendages, or by a condition of FCA. Either way, it leaves a funny looking cat, that visitors are apparently visiting in droves.

The quote of the day must go to the winged cat's owner, Feng, who is claimed to have said:
"[The] pet’s wings were the result of stress from too many females desiring to mate with him"

The distressing part of the story is that the owner cut one of the "wings" off because they were worried that it would either fly off or be abducted by admirers! This makes me really hope it was just matted fur.

So it seems that even though it is a well documented condition, and hence not uncommon, it has not stopped a media storm in China and the US, making it one of the top Google searches today so far. It is strange that it seems as if the small, light-hearted, stories are making the big talking points lately. As well as the un-named Chinese people, we shall put this in with the Montauk and the Bigfoot that was actually a frozen gorilla suit!

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Nick Burcher said...

August is always a bit of a 'silly season' for news but in the face of the economic downturn editors seem to be maxing on feel good / offbeat stories at every available opportunity. Makes me wonder what's coming next!