Monday, 1 September 2008

24: Exile - The 24 Movie

24 is (in my opinion) one of the greatest TV shows ever. Due to the writers' strike earlier this year, it meant that season 7 of the show was postponed a year until January 2009.

Fortunately, by pushing the schedule so far back it has enabled the 24 production team to film a 2-hour TV movie (called 24:Exile) that will help fill the void until the new season starts.

(*Update - The TV movie name has since been changed to 24:Redemption and will be shown in the UK on Sky One on Monday 24th November 2008)

Check this video out!

24:Exile looks amazing and hopefully will continue the 24 rule (all odd seasons are the best seasons).

Filming was carried out in South Africa a couple of months back. They were originally due to film for 3 days before relocating back to California. However, somebody pointed out that the locations in California does not really look much like a fictional African country (Sangala anyone?) and would be hard to fake. So they continued to shoot there.

Expect 24:Exile to appear on Sky One late in November, with the extended version DVD out on December 1st in the UK.

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