Saturday, 13 September 2008

Coke Zero Zero 7 - Quantum of Solace Ad

Coca-Cola have released their new ad that ties in with the upcoming James Bond movie (Quantum of Solace - the direct sequel to the fantastic Casino Royale). The music has been written by The White Stripes' Jack White and gives us a little taster to the style of music that we should be expecting from the theme tune to Quantum of Solace. The theme song shall be a collaboration between Jack White and Alicia Keys (the first duetted James Bond theme song), entitled "Another Way To Die", and shall be released in tandem with the opening of Quantum of Solace on 31st October.

Check this out:

Coke Zero Zero 7 Ad

I think this is a very good ad that only helps build the excitement that Quantum of Solace is generating. With Casino Royale winning over virtually all critics and cinema-goers this sequel was guaranteed to be a box office success, regardless of whether the film itself is any good (as is true with many sequels). However, the hype surrounding Quantum of Solace is similar to the hype that surrounded The Dark Knight (another sequel to a re-launched movie franchise!), suggesting the film may actually turn out to excellent once again.

The ad makes all the necessary references to iconic James Bond opening credit moments:
  • View down the barrel of a gun - Check!

  • Silhouette of (potentially) attractive women - Check!

  • Aston Martin racing around - Check!

  • Silhouette of James Bond fighting - Check!

Although, that last one is less of a classic James Bond opening but a clear reference to the opening of Casino Royale (music by Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" - Yes I do, it's Chris!).

However, whilst still maintaining these important features, Coke have managed to throw in their own iconic Red, Black and White colours in a style that closely resembles the video to The White Stripes own single "Seven Nation Army". The Bottle itself is stylised in a very neat James Bond fashion which Nick Burcher reported a couple a couple of weeks ago.

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

The Coke tie in with the release of Quantum of Solace is just the beginning of what will be a huge marketing campaign that I expect to see in the coming 6 weeks. With The Dark Knight pushing to break more box-office records (a re-release in cinemas and IMAX in January will help take it closer to Titanic's all time takings record and help with the Oscar awareness) studio bosses must be looking to recreate a lot of that film's success with QOS.

Just take a look at the trailer for yourself:

Quantum of Solace Trailer

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