Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hitachi - Get Perpendicular!

On Hitachi's website there is the most surreal video I have seen in a long time that explains how their perpendicular recording hard-drive works and enables an increased memory density. The video is below.

I am not sure what the technicians were on when they came up with this!

By 2009, Hitachi predicts that 345 Gbits/sq. in. would result in a two-terabyte (TB) 3.5-inch desktop drive, a 400-gigabyte (GB) 2.5-inch notebook drive or a 200-GB 1.8-inch drive2. We are already seeing plenty of the 1TB internal drives for well under £100 so it isn't exactly cutting edge stuff (the first working commercially available drives were produced back in 2005), and Seagate produced a 1.5TB drive in July. It will be interesting how far they will be able to take this technology before needing to change the foundations again. Even solid state drives are getting comparable in terms of storage capacity, with Intel only announcing yesterday two new 80GB High Speed SSD with read/write speed of 250/70 MB/s! Cool stuff.

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