Monday, 29 September 2008

Hovis Through Time Advert

I saw the new Hovis advert for the first time this weekend and, I must say, thoroughly enjoyed it!

The full advert is over 2 minutes long and features a young boy pre-World War I (1912?) buying a loaf of bread from the Baker. During his run home we see him move through different time periods that include 2 wars, the 60s, the 80s and into modern times.

It is a very well structured ad that is simple and yet endearing. The "As Good Today As It's Always Been" is also very simple and sums the ad up quite well. See for yourself:

Hovis Advert Through Time

The Carphone Warehouse recently did a "Brief History of Communication" ad, that Rick Lamb wrote about, which also had an 'evolving over time' type theme. I hope that a few more companies will come up with some other interesting 'history-of' adverts as I find them quite engaging and entertaining whilst getting some of the nostalgic effect that the developers of the ads are presumably going after.

With people worrying about credit crunches, recessions and a lack of competent banks, the decision to take the focus off the uncertain future and go for the happy times in the past should turn out to be a good one.

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