Thursday, 25 September 2008

Xbox 360 - Casual Gaming?

As the typical demographic of the console gamer is gradually changing (away from teenage boys to an older and mixed sex group), Xbox is about to release a series of ads in the USA based around trying to attract more casual gamers. This is the fastest growing market within the computer game industry, sparked by the success of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft's Xbox 360 has thus far been the least attractive option to casual gamers of the available 3rd generation (or 7th generation by my count) consoles. The ease of the Wii's controller, and the multi-purpose system of the PS3 has left the Xbox 360 a console for the hardcore gamer.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Commercial

Whilst this ad might look impressive and points out the newly dropped price of the Xbox 360 system, I somehow feel they have missed out on attracting the casual gamers they are after.

A generalisation of the casual gamer would suggest that they are unaware of the games that actually out there to play. The adverts by Wii have consistently used families having fun playing certain games and making sure the viewer knows exactly what that game is (be it Wii Sports, Wii Fit, etc.). However, I do not believe that it is evident from this Xbox advert that the woman is in fact meant to be playing "Rock Band". There is no mention of the game itself and the "Live your Moment" slogan doesn't suggest casual gaming either. The clarity of the graphics is great, though, and it is starting to become a little clearer why this is due to be Xbox's largest/most expensive advertising campaign to date.

It would be good to see the follow up advertising to this campaign and see if they can possibly attract some of the curious casual gamers out there.

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