Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Barack Obama - Burnout Advertising

Proving that Barack Obama is once again more technologically advanced than his rival John McCain, Obama has taken advantage of the rapidly growing in-game advertising market with the help of Electronic Arts' (EA) highly popular "Burnout Paradise" Game.

Using the dynamic advertising that allows billboards (and a lot else!) to be updated regularly through the internet, Barack Obama's campaign team have put together some virtual 48 and 96 sheets and planted them within the game.

Barack Obama Burnout Billboard
Billboard within "Burnout Paradise" featuring Obama

It is a fantastic use of advertising and technology that will only further consolidate the lead he has been showing in the polls with the younger voters. The posters appear around the streets that make up the game world and simply feature the image of Obama himself and encourage people to vote early. Similar ads have been seen from voteforchange.com where it allows people to do exactly that. EA have defended their decision by making it clear that they are happy to advertise any credible politician or organisation, and in no way reflects their opinions.

His rival, John McCain, also ventured into the world of computer games. However, in a throwback to the early days of gaming, the best his campaign team were able to create is the game below: "Pork Invaders" (from "Space Invaders" - if your old enough to remember it!). Please note that the game is here for informational reasons and do not reflect my political opinion (cough....hint)!

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