Saturday, 25 October 2008

Barack Obama and John McCain Dance-Off

This great video came to my attention today of a Barack Obama vs. John McCain Dance-Off. Obviously it is not real but I must admire the effort that has been made to make the dancers look like their real-life counterparts. Although they are not flawless, the faces remind me of the photo-realistic effect that they use on the latest Fifa and half-life games.

It would be so good to see this happen for real. Perhaps if the US election becomes a dead-heat with an exact split between Obama and McCain of 269 of the 538 representatives (although this currently seems very unlikely), then they could decide the outcome based on a Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With The Stars style vote with the dance of choice being a break-dance. Although the smart money would have to be put of Barack Obama, you never know, John McCain might turn out to be great at popping a move or two!

Obama and McCain Dance-Off

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