Wednesday, 1 October 2008

John McCain is your Jalopy

For those following the John McCain / Barack Obama Presidential debates (and all the other online activity surrounding the McCain/Obama Election covered brilliantly by Nick Burcher), I came across a very curious website called "John McCain is your Jalopy".

It simply consists of a white screen with a phrase that suggests (if it even needed doing!) John McCain is an old man. The phrase that is showing is clickable to then produce another phrase.

#Side Note#
For those that don't know:

n. pl. ja·lop·ies Informal
An old, dilapidated motor vehicle, especially an automobile.

The site is in the same style as the various "Ridiculous Random facts about Chuck Norris" (or Vin Diesel, or Jack Bauer, etc) websites that I often quote on the wall of an old school friend's Facebook wall. "Chuck Norris can speak Braille" for example.

I really enjoy these sorts of sites, especially when they enable visitors to add possible "facts" to the list.

Some of the highlights for me were:

John McCain gets confused by his remote control

John McCain has a full bowl of Werthers Original

John McCain can'tremember what he ate for breakfast

John McCain thinks plastic zippers are the bees knees

John McCain is yelling at spiders again

John McCain doesn't like the cut of your jib

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