Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

"It's live from New York...It's Saturday Night"

Sarah Palin appeared this weekend on Saturday Night Live in a further push to gain supporters in the run up to the election. Although this is no where near the first time that major political figures have made appearances on SNL, it continues to surprise me when they do!

The US Elections are understandably a huge talking point at this moment in time, and can therefore pull large TV ratings, but I get a little uneasy at the mixture of comedy and politics. I just couldn't see this happening in the UK. Maybe I am wrong, but I doubt we will ever see Gordon Brown as a guest presenter on 'Have I Got News For You' (of course Boris Johnson has done so a couple of times, but he is an oddity, and more of a comedian that happened to be in politics rather than the other way around).

Barack Obama was due to appear on SNL a few months ago but called off the appearance as he (rightly) felt that dealing with Hurricane Ike was a more important issue.

I suppose it is not so much the fact that politicians go on the show that disturbs me but the fact that they insist on acting foolish when there are there! I present 'Evidence A':

Sarah Palin dancing in her seat to an Alaskan rap song
Sarah Palin dancing in her seat to an Alaskan rap song

See below for the two main videos of Sarah Palin's appearance (including the full Alaskan Rap Song!

The Sarah Palin Opening Video

The Sarah Palin dancing to the Alaskan Rap Song video

It is increasingly becoming more about the entertainment value of the US Elections than about the politics, despite polls suggesting that people are caring more about the candidates' views on the economy than the character of the candidates themselves. Can anyone explain to me why people are more likely to vote for someone if that candidate is able to make jokes about themselves and their policies? I would want someone controlling my country (or 1 step away from it) that actually takes their job and policies seriously, not someone that I think would be great to have at a dinner party! Boris Johnson has thus far managed to fill both of these roles at the same time but, as I have said, he IS an oddity!

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