Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Unfinished Swan

Ian Dallas and his team are creating a virtual maze. Although this in itself isn't necessarily interesting, the visuals of the maze are quite amazing.

The video below shows the early videos of the game that is expected to be fully ready by March 2009.

Black Painted Bench in a White World!

It consists initially of a completely white world with absolutely no way of determining your surroundings or even the walls of the maze. You are, however, equipped with a paintball gun that fires black paint pellets. On contact with the surfaces and objects that make up the maze they splatter (very realistically) and give an impressive image.

They have also created a cityscape-type world that is almost completely black and the gun now fires white paint! The visual images it creates is very reminiscent of Frank Miller's "Sin City" or the upcoming Frank Miller film "The Spirit"(all we need is a little red!).

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