Thursday, 30 October 2008

Vice President - Parody of American Boy

Although I use YouTube on a daily basis, there has only ever been one user to which I feel justifies subscribing to their uploads. 'James at War' (real name James Warren), in my opinion, is the best parody artist out there (potentially surpassing the legendary "Weird Al" Yankovic) and is worthy of my attention.

Each of his creations so far have been memorable in their own right and his latest song is no exception. "Vice President" is a wonderful spoof of "American Boy" by Estelle featuring Kanye West, but using Sarah Palin featuring John McCain instead. The lyrics are wonderful as they do not try to be funny, but instead rely on them being believable and fitting the music:

"Put me on the ticket and we'll win this race. Take me to the White House Mr. John McCain. I really want to, campaign here with you".

I will at some point feature some of James at War's work for everyone to enjoy. However, please enjoy this parody. For those unfamiliar with Estelle's work, her original can be found just below the parody.

In his next project, James at War is looking to create a real music video to go with his Popstar song that he shall be placing onto iTunes later this year. To recreate the Rockstar video he is parodying, James at War is wanting YouTube users around the world to film themselves in unusual places miming their favourite parts to the Popstar song. He shall then use these clips of footage to format the music video. Good luck to him. I may even consider contributing myself!

Vice President - Sarah Palin ft. John McCain (Parody of American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye West)

American Boy - Estelle Feat. Kanye West

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