Thursday, 27 November 2008

Becoming Batman - Episode Three

In Episode Three of "Becoming Batman" - Entitled "Blind Justice" - the true training begins. The video is essentially one long training sequence that sees our would-be hero start off as the student but ends up as the master!

-"What's wrong with him?"
-"He doesn't look fine. He's twitching!"
-"Is that my milkshake?"

And that milkshake is surely available at Moo Moo's in the Covered Market in Oxford! Where else in the world could you get Weetabix, After Eight Mints, Haribo Starmix and a Melon in a milkshake?

Becoming Batman - Episode Three - "Blind Justice"


Unknown said...

Is there nowhere to see episode 3?

Ryan Fitzgibbon said...

Unfortunately not at the moment it seems. I will keep an eye out for the video being hosted elsewhere in the future.