Friday, 21 November 2008

Bike Hero - Guitar Hero Viral Marketing

I have said this before, but every now and then there is a video on YouTube that is made of absolute genius! Today I came across one such video.

Despite having been on YouTube for 3 days (at the time of posting), it has already received over 1 million views, and deservedly so.

Filmed entirely on a bicycle, the 3 minute and 36 second video recreates the now famous Guitar Hero formula by riding along many winding streets with coloured dots drawn onto the ground along the route.

Whilst the song "Prisoner of Society" by The Living End is playing in the background, the dots come into view on the ground at precisely the right moment throughout the film to recreate the notes that would be played in the game (and LED lights on the handlebars flashing accordingly).

In fact, the video is almost so well created that I would have to place it in the category of "Viral Advertising"! That's right folks, Activision have admitted that the video IS a viral marketing video for Guitar Hero World Tour (as reported by bit-tech), on which the song being played features. The video is reported to have been made by Droga5, the viral marketing company behind the "Spraying a Tag on Air Force One" video that caused a HUGE media storm quite a while back.

The video goes along the lines of the amateur guys doing something cool and spectacular that other firms have used before. However, unlike other virals in the past, this one seems to have won over many viewers, as it has been deemed cool enough to stop viewers from feeling cheated on the revelation that is professionally made.

I have to admit, this is a great piece of viral marketing and will have many repeated viewings. See for yourself:

Bike Hero - Guitar Hero Viral Marketing

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Pat R said...

whether or not this was deliberately created to be a viral video, it still rocks... i could not tell at any point that it was fake