Friday, 14 November 2008

iPod Touch Advert on Youtube

Today's main YouTube page has got a rather large iPod Touch advert running above the usual subscription videos and recommended viewing. Proving that Google are looking at ways in which to improve the ad revenue generated by YouTube, this advert takes advantage of the areas around the advert box by having the iPod Touch in the clip extend into the main page:

iPod Touch YouTube Commercial
iPod Touch Commercial on YouTube - Expanding Out Of The Box

I am personally a fan of adverts on websites that expand out of their designated area but (here's the key!) without obstructing the navigation or text of the site itself. This iPod Touch ad seems to work well, particularly since Apple products are deemed very stylish and have plain white backgrounds and simplistic products, much like Google themselves. The advert is also very quick to fall back within the confines of the designated box area if you attempt to click on the search box:

iPod Touch YouTube Commercial Within Box
iPod Touch Commercial on YouTube - Staying Within The Box

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