Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Nickelback Rockstar Parody - Popstar

I might as well get this video out the way nice and early as I am sure that most people will have at some point seen it (almost 9 million views by the YouTube counter).

"Popstar" is a James-at-War spoof of the modern classic (loose use of the term) "Rockstar" by Nickelback. It brilliantly portrays the careers of the majority of the female popstars out there that began at a young age.

This is the song that James-at-War is looking to create a new video for that spoofs the montage of random people singing in the Rockstar video. I am waiting for my girlfriend to return to the UK so that we can contribute our effort (possibly outside Big Ben or the Tower of London!). Depending on the outcome, I may, or may not post the footage here! We shall see...

Popstar - "Rockstar" Parody - James at War

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