Wednesday, 19 November 2008

RiffTrax - The Matrix

I wasn't intending on posting too many samples of the work by RiffTrax, but have come across so many moments of brilliance that I just cannot help myself!

Today's sample is from the Kung Fu Fight scene from "The Matrix" between Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Neo/Mr. Anderson (Keanu Reeves). In particular I would like to point out 3 special moments for me:

  1. Morpheus - " Adaptation...improvisation. But your weakness is not your technique."
    Commentary - "It's your bone-shattering stupidity!"

  2. Morpheus - "You think that's air your breathing now?"
    Commentary - "It's wild rice!"
    Commentary - "So...little baby thinks he's breathing air huh?...Little baby air breather!"

  3. Morpheus - "Come on! Stop trying to hit me and hit me"
    Commentary - "Hit me with your rhythm stick...hit me slowly, hit me quick, hit me, hit me!"

RiffTrax - The Matrix Kung Fu Fight Scene

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