Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Simpsons - Mad Men Parody

The Simpsons are due for their annual "Treehouse of Horrors" episode to coincide with the Halloween period, and the following footage has been released that perfectly parodies the opening title sequence to the acclaimed US drama "Mad Men".

What is fast becoming one of my favourite title sequences (I haven't seen enough of the show yet to give a full opinion on the show itself), Mad Men is a drama set in the early 1960s New York within an advertising agency and depicts the changing social customs in the USA during this time. It is rare to see a show where virtually every character smokes heavily!

However, the title sequence is wonderfully stylized in a Sin City sort of way but with more colour. For comparisons to be made I have included both The Simpsons version and the Mad Men original version, as I am confident that everyone reading this will have seen The Simpsons but not everyone will have seen Mad Men!

The Simpsons "Mad Men" Title Sequence Parody

The Original Mad Men Title Sequence

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