Thursday, 6 November 2008

Whodunnit? - Test Your Awareness - TFL

Transport For London (TFL) have produced this great little video based on the classic Cluedo / Whodunnit? / Sherlock Holmes format. With the aim of testing the awareness of the viewer (i shall not ruin this aim by pointing out what they intend to point out afterwards) it is a very well constructed film that certainly fooled me on the first viewing!

I am hoping that this campaign will be successful at reducing cycling fatalities on the streets of London. I used to ride a bike everyday for 4 years when living in Oxford so consider myself to be a confident and capable cyclist. However, I am certain that I would have a difficult and risky time trying to navigate through Shepherd's Bush on a weekday morning.

Point well made TFL, good job!

WhoDunnit? - Test Your Awareness - Transport For London

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