Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Becoming Batman - Episode Four

In Episode Four of "Becoming Batman" - Entitled "It's How You Play The Game" - it is time to decide on which type of Batman our hero should become.

The options are:
  1. 1940's Batman - A little racist towards the Japanese!

  2. 1960's Batman - Has the cool theme tune and "shark repellent"

  3. Diane Keaton - Unfortunately "he kills people"

  4. Valary Kilmer - "Quite moody and tortured"

  5. Clooney - "He's just so smug. He's rubbish". But he does get to surf through the sky!

  6. Bale - "He keeps to the morality quite well". And he likes Huey Lewis and the News

It just has to be Bale's Batman! Now there is just the matter of the voice, and to get rid of that mustache - "I look like a reverse Hitler!"

Becoming Batman - Episode Four - "It's How You Play The Game"

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