Friday, 5 December 2008

The London Paper - Babyliss Advert

Whilst travelling home on Wednesday, I was flicking a copy of The London Paper (as is usual on my way home), and came across this rather clever use of advertising.

Babyliss Advert in The London Paper
Babyliss Advert in The London Paper

With the paper folded in half, I was initially confused by the large, strange misprint in my copy of the paper. However, in the process of unfolding the paper, the true nature of the effect became apparent. The Babyliss Eco Dry advert does a very good job of suggesting that it can dry hair just as fast as a normal 2000W hair-dryer while using only half the energy.

It is not the first time that The London Paper has opted for a rather unusual advertising placement, but they have usually been odd shaped ads with the text wrapped around them. This is the first time I have seen the what appears as text itself being used to accentuate the ad. For obvious reasons, it is not the real text that is being distorted, but it does give a nice dramatic effect. Plus anything that can be used to make the Listings pages a bit more exciting can't be a bad thing.

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