Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Out of Date Advertising

With a copy of (the) Metro open on my desk the other day, a colleague of mine spotted what can only be described as an advert that had gone past its use-by date!

Whilst I am not exactly talking about advertising "The Brand New Sinclair ZX-81", it is a little unusual to see ads that are obviously promoting an event that happened in the past.

Below is the image of the page in question (click to make bigger):

Metro Out of Date Advert
December 4th, 2008 - Metro

The keen-eyed viewer will notice that the advert at the bottom for "Freesat" is promoting the England vs Germany football game in HD on November 19th 2008, whilst the date of the paper at the top is December 4th, 2008! Proof up close:

Date 4th December 2008
Date - 4th December 2008

While I agree that the product itself is still relevant and worth advertising, it is probably not the best message you could use. However, the page does have a great story about a 27 year old cat, so all is forgiven!

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