Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Terminator Salvation - Trailer

The first full trailer for the Terminator Salvation movie was released today.

I must admit that I was initially worried by the news that it was being directed by McG (the guy that made the 2nd Charlie's Angels film!!!). These worries were hugely relieved by the news that Christian Bale was going to be playing the lead role of John Conor. Even more so by the fact that Bale was so impressed with the story that he is rumoured to have signed up for a further 2 films.

Now, with the release of this full 2 minute trailer, I am now officially excited about seeing this film. The first Terminator movie was clearly a horror movie, the second was clearly an action movie, and the third was unintentionally a comedy. I am hoping that this fourth installment will along the lines of an EPIC action/thriller/adventure movie.

Terminator Salvation Trailer

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