Sunday, 11 January 2009

Becoming Batman - Episode Eight

In Episode Eight of "Becoming Batman" - Entitled "Introduce a Little Anarchy" - tensions begin to rise between "Wayne" and his best friend.

This episode has been a few weeks in the making, with the video being added on YouTube on the 9th January. However, the original copy was forced to have the audio muted due to copyright issues with the soundtrack that they have been using.

However, the guys were very quick to come up with a second soundtrack to accompany the video and had the updated version ready for us all to enjoy the next day. Thank you.

The storyline has been brilliant thus far at building the tension between the two friends and the Joker impressions are spot-on. I just wish some TV station would contact these guys (including everyone that must be involved in filming/creating), as their creative potential is clear to see. You will often hear stories of talented musical people being picked up from online sources out of nowhere (e.g. Lily Allen off MySpace and Little Boots of YouTube), and I cannot see a reason why the same shouldn't apply to TV and movie stars/writers.

Episode Highlight:

-"Let's start with what you think you might want to do on a day to day basis?"
-"I want to punch or smack a guy in the throat...scaring people, carrying weapons, driving really fast."

Also worth noting:

"I don't really send emails. I just DO THINGS" - Brilliant Joker

Becoming Batman - Episode Eight - Introduce a Little Anarchy

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