Friday, 23 January 2009

Becoming Batman - Episode Nine

It has been a very interesting couple of weeks in the world of 'Becoming Batman'.

Firstly, copyright issues to the soundtrack of the videos meant that Episode Eight was initially launched on YouTube without any sound. This was resolved by simply replacing the soundtrack with alternative music.

Shortly after the release of this video I received the following email (click to make larger):

Ed Nashton Riddler Email
Email from Ed Nashton - The Riddler

The email was obviously showing signs of dismay towards the would-be hero that is the Batman of Chalfont St.Peter.

The YouTube video link leads to this message from someone with the username "EdwardsEnigmas" (i.e. E-Nigma a.k.a. The Riddler!):

The Riddler V-Blogging

The Riddler's video-blog makes it quite clear that he does not approve of someone attempting to be Batman and taking the law into his own hands. The challenge to solve his riddle is presented:

I have kept your secrets
Have guarded your ideas -
I'm the vessel of your nightmares
The protector to your fears.
I'm smiling when you are weeping
And will still smile when you're dead
I'm with you when you're sleeping.
I'm the horror in your head.
What am I?

It was initially unclear as to whether this is simply an independent social media response to the 'Becoming Batman' series of videos, or whether this is part of a larger plan within the plot-line. Either way, I am impressed that somebody took the effort to email me personally in order to get me somehow more involved with this great series.

This leads me nicely onto the latest Episode of "Becoming Batman".

In Episode Nine - Entitled "Identity Crisis" - our hero misses the opportunity to save a "poor old man" and gets to chat with Christopher Morris from Sky News:

Chris Morris Sky News
Christopher Morris from Sky News - a.k.a. Legend!

The great thing about this video (other than the usual classic quote moments and a potentially superb music video!), is the use of the Riddler post that I received myself. This doesn't clear up whether the video is part of the ongoing plot, or simply a tip of the hat in Mr Nashton's direction, but it certainly took the challenge head-on. A brilliant piece of work. If you were unable to solve the riddle, then the answer is contained within.

Becoming Batman - Episode Nine - "Identity Crisis"

I genuinely feel that the potential for this series is only just beginning to emerge. At the time of posting the most popular Episode to date is easily Episode Two with 77,605 views, and 962 people are subscribed to the BecomingBatman user. I really hope that these videos will at some point soon hit a critical mass and take off in terms of activity.

I'm looking forward to Episode Ten!

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