Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lynx Instinct

Lynx has unveiled it's latest fragrance, "Instinct".

Lynx Instinct Roar-Off Website
Emphasising on a caveman approach to the advertising, the product comes complete with a great slogan ("Unleash the Man Leather") and a dedicated microsite at unleashthemanleather.com where you can challenge your mates to a "ROAR-OFF". Unfortunately, I do not have a microphone attached to my computer at work, so shall not be spending my lunch-times trying to record the loudest roar! Shame.

Lynx Instinct Advert

Talking Retail reported back in November that the product would be launched as part of a £6million media schedule involving TV, print, outdoor and sampling. The range of products for this fragrance will also cover the full body spray, antiperspirant, shower gel, roll-on and aftershave formats. Apparently, the scent is made up of a special formulation of ingredients that include cardamom, amber and atlas cedarwood to produce a spicy scent of leather.

I am sure to give the fragrance a little tester when I pass it in the supermarket, but when they say "a spicy scent of leather" I just hope that means I won't end up smelling like DFS!

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