Monday, 26 January 2009

Obama Inauguration - High Definition (HD)

It may have been a whole week ago, but it seems as if the buzz surrounding new US President Barack Obama isn't just dying yet. Every day in (the) Metro since his inauguration there has been at least one story about either his actions or his policy announcements. This may be a testimony to the man himself, as it is showing that he may actually be making news-worthy decisions in his first 7 days in office.

However, for the purpose of this blog I am more concerned about technology and advertising than politics (somewhat like the BBC!). This is why I was fascinated by a photograph that I came across on the web this evening at by David Bergman.

The photograph is of the Obama inauguration last week (see below - please click to view larger):

Obama Inauguration Wide Range

The difference with this picture (other than it being panoramic) is the incredibly High-Definition. It was constructed of 220 images combined to give a final image size of 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 Megapixels!!

Due to this, through the flash-based tool, you can zoom into the image and the resolution stays incredibly sharp (again click to view a larger version):

Obama Inauguration Mid Range

In fact, you can zoom right up to President Obama giving his inauguration speech before you can begin to see pixels appearing!

Obama Inauguration Close Range

These type of High-Definition photographs always amaze me. The level of detail you can capture from such a long distance is stunning. The widest shot at the top is impressive on it's own. However, the ability to roam throughout the shot allows you to find certain things within the image that you would never have known existed otherwise. Two highlights for me have to be the members of the crowd that appear to have fallen asleep (despite the fact that it must have taken some massive effort to attend the event), and the cowboy that can be seen just behind President Obama. It is these small details that can really tell a thousand tales!

Obama Inauguration Audience
Obama Inauguration Cowboy

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