Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Who is Tic Tac Micha?

Another day and another great viral advert, complete with microsite.

Firstly, just sit back and enjoy the following:

Micha Tic Tac Viral Advert

As I am sure you will agree, this is a very catchy advert with a 16 year-old guy that is far too talented with Tic Tacs!
Tic Tac Micha Website
His efforts have been supported with a Tic Tac sponsored website that is fronted by Micha Albacow himself! Described as a "Human Beat Machine from Uzbekistan", Micha describes his Tic Tac Instruments and how he is travelling around the world to perform.

However, the highlight of the site has to be Micha's Game, which is essentially a "Tic-Tac-Flute" version of Guitar Hero that you can play using 5 keys on the computer keyboard!

This is a very simple idea that I quite like. Whether this would ever appeal to the wider internet community is still to be seen. It does make me want to buy Tic Tacs and Guitar Hero, however!

Tic Tac Micha GameTic Tac Micha's Game


Unknown said...

best alternativ artist in 2009 - check out this newer clip from sweden here;

Unknown said...

new vid from sweden with tic tac boxes on youtube;

Unknown said...

he keeps buzzzing on the net - this time is he in brazi with all the nice people down there:)