Thursday, 19 February 2009

118 118 - Sing Along Ghostbusters

Following my previous post about the 118-118 Ghostbusters Advert featuring Ray Parker Jr, the whoyougonnacall? website has now created (as promised) a sing-a-long version which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and turn yourself into a 118-118 jogger, much like the "elf yourself" videos that Nick frequently covers.

The website has also been updated to give an interesting 6.5 minute behind-the-scenes video of the making of the commercial, as well as a link to the original YouTube channel that was previously in place.

Below is a snapshot of my brief effort. You can either just feature yourself and a 118-118 jogger, replicate yourself twice, or upload 2 separate photos. A nice little touch by the 118-118 team to keep the Ghostbusters buzz going a little longer. Plus the more we can get of Ray Parker Jr the better!

The 118-118 sing-a-long with Ray Parker Jr website


Unknown said...

The ad is probably the most tedious, pathetically unfunny and enormously irritating thing on British TV at the moment, and a contender for being the worst ad of all time. It also falls into the category of those using redundant and unnecessary transatlantic accents in an ad aimed at the UK population. Aren't our actors good enough? Must we accept this creeping Americanisation?

Ryan Fitzgibbon said...

Unfortunately not every ad is going to relate well to every viewer. I must admit that it is a little annoying that the advert is now close to 4 months old and they haven't managed to update the creative (other than selecting various shorter cuts of the original).

With regards to the Americanisation of the ad, I personally feel that is quintessential to the advert working in the first place.

Taking the 80s retro feel of the brand and as closely mirroring the original source of the material (Ray Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters") as possible works well. In terms of the demographic it's aimed at, I think it fits well. It would just be preferable for something new to be added to it.