Saturday, 7 February 2009

118 118 - Who You Gonna Call?

My friend over at Funkadelic Advertising is a big fan of everything 80s, and regularly features videos of some of the movie and TV highlights from that decade. This is why I think that he (and everyone else that loves cheesy ads) will love the latest commercial from the team over at 118-118.

Ever since it's creation back in August 2003, directory service 118-118 has used very cheesy advertising (in large quantities as well) in order to push itself to the top of the UK commercial directory service pile (which now has over 200 different numbers registered). The A-Team theme was modified successfully to incorporate the number "118" and is impossible to get out of your head.

However, this time 118-118 has gone one massive step further. In their latest commercial, 118-118 have modified the Ghostbusters theme tune to integrate their number. Rather than just do it themselves, they have got the original Ghostbusters' theme legendary artist, Ray Parker Junior, to sing and star in the commercial as well. This just adds a whole new level of cool to this whole concept.

I'm surprised that 118-118 haven't thought about trying this before as the line "Who You Gonna Call?" works brilliantly for the industry they are in! The corresponding website is their YouTube channel where they are inviting people to come back next week with a photo to sing along with Ray Parker Junior! Exactly how this will work isn't clear yet, but it should be a good laugh anyway. They even have a Twitter page set up.

Obviously, by removing the "Ghostbusters" word from the music, the lyrics to the verses had to be altered to eliminate the ghost theme and mention everyday occurrences that would require the need of calling directory services! This has also been completed superbly, with the addition of a few classic lines delivered by Ray Parker Junior, most notably "I ain't afraid of no goats" at 55 seconds!

In my opinion, this is the most ingenious use of the 118-118 brand to date and can't imagine to much negative feedback coming back on this. Enjoy!

118-118 Ghostbusters Commercial - Featuring Ray Parker Jr

Note - Is that "The Stig" from Top Gear in the crowd at 1:41?

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