Monday, 2 February 2009

Becoming Batman - Episode Ten

Once again this week, I was delighted to have received an email from the mysterious Ed Nashton (The Riddler of Chalfont St.Peter's).

The email (click the image below to make larger) simply stated that he was surprised by the "Bat"-Man's ability to solve his riddle, and that he is very keen to meet him.

The Riddler Email for Becoming BatmanThe Riddler's 2nd Email

This was followed by another YouTube link that led to the following video:

The Riddler - In search of the Batman

This is another great spin-off video surrounding the "Becoming Batman" series, and compliments the original well by using the same 'recording from within a car at night' that we have come to love.

I still had my doubts as to whether this was a completely separate series of events or whether the 2 would eventually come together in some glorious fashion.

Thankfully, the latter of these proves to be correct in the latest edition (Episode Ten) of "Becoming Batman".

Entitled "There is no Hope in Crime Alley", the true depth of our Batman's loneliness becomes truly apparent (in a hilarious Avril Lavigne montage!), the anger is building within his friend and a new woman arrives in the office.

-"Just sit on the floor. You're only little!"

The episode culminates in the red hooded man catching the Riddler on his quest to meet the Batman, claiming:

-"This is going to be my town....Wanna buy some glasses?"

Another great episode. Enjoy!

Becoming Batman - Episode Ten - "There is no Hope in Crime Alley"

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