Saturday, 21 February 2009

Chad Vader Re-enacts Best Picture Oscar Nominees

With the new Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager - episode on the way (I will likely post that tomorrow), I thought it would be nice to post some of his other work in the meantime.

In the following video, we see Chad Vader hilariously re-enact the films up for Best Film at the 81st Academy Awards tomorrow night.

These are:
The smart money would be on Slumdog Millionaire. That is the only one of the 5 I have yet to see (I am eager to see the others, however), and must admit that it was a brilliant film. I will probably be wrong, but I half-expect that Danny Boyle will get the Best Director award, but the best film go to one of the others. This is coming from a man that strongly believes the Best Actor in 2003 was Bill Murray in 'Lost in Translation' rather than Sean Penn in 'Mystic River'!

Chad Vader Re-enacts Best Picture Oscar Nominees

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