Saturday, 7 March 2009

Becoming Batman - The Finale Is Coming!

In the true spirit of an epic superhero movie, we have been given a brilliant trailer that gives us the first glance at the THREE-PART FINALE OF BECOMING BATMAN.

For those that have not been following this amazing series of YouTube videos, I highly recommend clicking this link to give you the full story surround each episode so far.

If you are lazy, however, the trailer does give a very rough "previously on Becoming Batman" to give you some of the essence of what is going on. If this doesn't make you want to go back and watch each episode, then you are honestly missing something special.

For those that, like myself, love the series so far then please book 16th MARCH 2009 into your diaries as this is the day in which the finale shall begin.

If you are out there and reading this Batman, then please drop me a line if you ever need any help with future works!

Becoming Batman - The Finale Trailer

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