Monday, 16 March 2009

Becoming Batman - The Finale - Part One

Over the course of the past 4 months, chaos has descended onto Chalfont St Peter like the blanket of darkness at the transpiring of an eclipse. With the Riddler and the Red Hood causing havoc through the village, life has become rather tense for the Batman.

With relationships at breaking point between the two friends (and Selina also), it is time for the terror to come to an end...on one dark night!

In the first part of the epic three-part finale, entitled "Pool our Resources", the transformation of the Red Hood into the Joker has begun. The split personality of our hero's friend is becoming very pronounced and The Riddler is getting very close to finding the truth to the Batman. Replace a chemical vat with a pool being chlorinated and you have the set-up for a brilliant 2nd part in this finale.

Come back tomorrow for the 2nd part in this explosive finale of Becoming Batman. Until then, enjoy this:

Becoming Batman - The Finale - Part One - "Pool our Resources"

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