Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Becoming Batman - The Finale - Part Three

Wow! In this final part to "Becoming Batman", everything we have been building up to finally comes to fruition. The Joker finally makes his grand appearance in his true form (leaving the Red Hood behind him) and has his confrontation with the Batman.

I would hate to spoil the plot for anyone that has been following this series on YouTube, so I shall not disclose the events should you have not yet watched this true season finale.

I would just like to say that the series has been an absolute pleasure to watch, and would like to thank Alastair Clayton and Stuart Laws of WindowSlaws Productions and everyone else that made the series.

I very much look forward to the return of the Batman and seeing you other work becoming a huge success. You can find a selection of their work on YouTube by clicking this link.

I will most definitely be watching "Who's Toby?" very soon, and keeping an eye out for everything else.

Becoming Batman - The Finale - Part Three - "The Dark Night"

Batman will return in... BEING BATMAN!

When he does, you'll find him here on the same Bat-Channel!

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