Wednesday, 4 March 2009

iPhone Band - MGMT

Featured in today's Metro (in The Ridiculant section), was a brief mention of a band called 'The Mentalists' where they use iPhone applications to create a cover of the great song, "Kids", by MGMT. For those that are interested, the apps used are:
  • Ocarina

  • Retro Synth

  • miniSynth

  • DigiDrummer Lite

The evidence below speaks for itself! Another reason why I would love to switch phone networks to get an iPhone (I must have around 50 reasons already, but the inconvenience and cost of switching is preventing me from doing so).

The Mentalists - Cover of MGMT 'Kids' using iPhones

In case you are unfamiliar with the wonderful work by MGMT, then see the original music video below for comparison:

MGMT - 'Kids' - Music Video

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