Monday, 20 April 2009

Sir Clement Freud - Funniest Joke Ever?

With the sad passing of Sir Clement Freud this past week, many papers and websites have been performing the usual task of going through his previous work on radio and come across a truly brilliant joke from when he was a guest on the Telegraph World Cup Pubcast in 2006.

Sir Clement Freud (the grandson of Sigmund Freud), was a regular on the Radio 4 panel show "Just a Minute", and often the funniest one of the bunch. I highly recommend the show to anyone that has never heard it before.

In the mean time, you will have to satisfy yourself with the funniest joke I think I have heard (in recent memory at least!).

Sir Clement Freud - Fabulous Joke

Stayin' Alive - Gillette Advert

Gillette have released their latest commercial in the USA, featuring American Baseball Player (and New York Yankee Captain) Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and (World Number 2! Tennis Player) Roger Federer.

The advert utilises the "Stayin' Alive" soundtrack by The Bee Gees, by having the sport-stars strut down the street in a semi-parody of Saturday Night Fever, finishing with the tag-line "Here's To Confidence". They also highlight their "/walk website" where you can win a Gillette Fusion.

I have found the recent Gillette ads in the UK to feel a little dated. The use of Tiger Woods (hadn't been playing Golf for quite a while, but is back now), Roger Federer (Number 2 in the World and having a tough time recently) and Thierry Henry (moved to Spain to play Football so no longer has a strong presence in the UK), makes it feel like Gillette haven't really moved with the times to secure the latest crop of sport-stars.

The fact that the sponsorship contracts are probably signed for years at a time and that the world of sport is continuously evolving will undoubtedly make this upgrade rather difficult. It will be interesting to know whether Gillette intend on modifying this new ad for the UK market, and whether this would mean bringing in Thierry!

Although these stars may not be shining as brightly as they did, they still have a great sense of style. I can't think of too many of the new stars in sport that would have the same appeal. Imagine the same ad but featuring Andy Murray, Rory McIlroy and Wayne Rooney. Doesn't quite work the same does it?

New Gillette Commercial - Stayin' Alive

Hat Tip to Illegal Advertising.

Friday, 17 April 2009

SNL - Beyonce "Single Ladies" Parody

Being a big fan of The Lonely Island, I am always excited when Andy Samberg does a music video parody on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The latest skit is a parody on the Beyonce music video for "Single Ladies".

Not only does the sketch feature Andy Samberg, but other SNL regulars Justin Timberlake and Paul Rudd.

To give a pre-video taster, here is a snapshot of the video:

SNL Parody of Beyonce's Single LadiesSNL Parody of Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

Here is the skit in it's entirety. It is difficult to find the full original version on YouTube due to copyright claims, so here is the MySpace Vids version:

SNL Parody of Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

For those unfamiliar with the actual music video by Beyonce, then here it is (***Note*** My UK location means I am unable to feature the high-quality official version. Sorry!):

Beyonce - "Single Ladies"

Monday, 6 April 2009

Mash Up Monday - The Clash vs Beyonce vs Nelly Furtado vs Ofra Haza

As I hadn't posted any mash ups for a while, I decided to be nice and post two in the one day.

This time I have picked a song that features four great songs:
  • The Clash: Rock The Casbah

  • Beyonce: Upgrade U

  • Nelly Furtado: Maneater

  • Ofra Haza: Im Nin Alu

The mix itself was created by DJ Schmolli, with the video coming from Guttorm Hellevik via YouTube.

Mash Up Monday - The Clash vs Beyonce vs Nelly Furtado vs Ofra Haza - Upgrade The Casbah

Mash Up Monday - Beastie Boys Vs Bob Marley

It has been away for a little while now, but Mash Up Monday is back.

Today's effort comes from Neblina Sound, who have created a great mash between Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" and Bob Marley's "Could You Be Loved". On paper I wouldn't have said that this could have worked, but I admire the achievement here:

Mash Up Monday - Beastie Boys Vs Bob Marley - Could You Be Intergalactic

Signs of Despair - No.1

In a spin-off (rip-off?) of the wonderful Joe Blogs' "Signs of Life" I had to post a great sign that I noticed a couple of weekends ago in Brighton.

BS Social CareBS Social Care - Indeed!

A quick Google search finds that the BS actually stands for Brook Street. However, when it comes to a lot of social care, I'm sure it doesn't!

Volvo FH16 - World's Strongest Truck 2

Back in January, I featured a nice advergame by "Muskedunder Interactive" for the Volvo FH16 700 Truck, which they claim is the "World's Strongest Truck".

I have since received a lovely email from the guys at Muskedunder, highlighting the success that they have had with the original game. The combined play time for the game adds up to over 20 years!

The feedback they received has led to the creation of the new version of the game (see below).

The new version is longer, with far more obstacles and challenges. It is certainly a more difficult game, but keeping the simple left and right format as the original.

They have kindly supplied me with a few screenshots to use as well.

Firstly, the game itself:

***(Update - I have noticed problems with the game loading both on this page and on the website itself on Firefox 3. I recommend if you are experiencing similar problems then please attempt to play in a different web browser.)***

World's Strongest Truck Advergame 2

World's Strongest Truck Advergame 2 Screenshot - WaterfallWorld's Strongest Truck Advergame 2 Screenshot - Waterfall

World's Strongest Truck Advergame 2 Screenshot - BridgeWorld's Strongest Truck Advergame 2 Screenshot - Bridge

Friday, 3 April 2009

Wired Magazine - Pavement Advert

Following Nick's review of the newly released UK Edition of "Wired" Magazine yesterday, I came across a subtle piece of street art today just outside my office.

The following stencil had been applied several times along the pavement (aka sidewalk), but in the sunlight I almost missed it. I quite like the fact that it wasn't painted in bright colours, as it somehow made the fact I have seen it a nice little reward.

Wired Magazine Launch - Street Art

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

YouTube - April Fool Viewing

Not one to miss out on the April Fool fun, YouTube today has developed a new layout for their videos.

What I shall dub as the "&flip=1" format (due to the fact that by adding this to the end of the usual URL you can have any page in the new format), the whole YouTube page becomes flipped upside-down while still maintaining the individual section layout (e.g. comments below the video).

YouTube "&flip=1" April Fool Layout (click to make larger)

What would be simply a novelty addition to YouTube has been expanded upon with a brilliant set of instructions on how to make the most of the new entertainment experience.

YouTube "&flip=1" Viewing Instructions (click to make larger)

The instructions are quite simple in giving 3 options:
  1. Turn your monitor upside-down

  2. Tilt your head to the side (great cartoon image)

  3. Move to Australia (brilliant)

There is, of course, the reminder at the bottom of today's date!

Waitrose Pinanas - April Fool Advert

In the 2nd of the day's main Metro April Fool adverts, was this nice and simple entry from Waitrose.

Waitrose Pinanas - April Fool Advert

A cross between a banana and a pineapple, I would imagine such a fruit would taste a little like an Innocent Smoothie (Or is that Smoothy?!).

There is a friendly warning that the Pinanas may be "sold out" in many Waitroses, but you can still get 50% off "essential Waitrose strawberries".

I really like this advert. It is clean, un-complicated, and features a bright colourful image on a bright (and potentially colourful due to the G20 Summit) day.
Well done Waitrose.

BMW - April Fool Advert

Apologies for the lack of recent posts! Life has been pretty busy recently.

However, I shall kick off the new month with a couple of April Fool Adverts that were featured in today's Metro.

It has become somewhat of a tradition for BMW to describe a new "innovation" to their vehicles that sound too-good-to-be-true. This is because they are. I remember last year, the "innovation" was an electrified hub-cap that would shock any passing dogs that decided to urinate against their cars. The idea was that the shock would train the dog not to urinate against cars, and stop the hub-caps from rusting! A nice idea, but ridiculous in reality.

BMW "magnetic Tow Technology" April Fool Creative 2009

This years "innovation" is the "BMW Magnetic Tow Technology". The principle concept is to have your car magnetically attach itself to the car in front. You could then turn off your engine and allow the car in front to simply tow you along. Personally, I think they went a tad too grand scale with the idea for it to be believable. It is much easier to fall for the small little additions to a vehicle than something that will change the way cars work forever.

Despite this, it is still a nice effort from the BMW guys, and the final touch of adding a contact email address ( is pure genius. Someone should send that to Terry Wogan.