Monday, 20 April 2009

Stayin' Alive - Gillette Advert

Gillette have released their latest commercial in the USA, featuring American Baseball Player (and New York Yankee Captain) Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and (World Number 2! Tennis Player) Roger Federer.

The advert utilises the "Stayin' Alive" soundtrack by The Bee Gees, by having the sport-stars strut down the street in a semi-parody of Saturday Night Fever, finishing with the tag-line "Here's To Confidence". They also highlight their "/walk website" where you can win a Gillette Fusion.

I have found the recent Gillette ads in the UK to feel a little dated. The use of Tiger Woods (hadn't been playing Golf for quite a while, but is back now), Roger Federer (Number 2 in the World and having a tough time recently) and Thierry Henry (moved to Spain to play Football so no longer has a strong presence in the UK), makes it feel like Gillette haven't really moved with the times to secure the latest crop of sport-stars.

The fact that the sponsorship contracts are probably signed for years at a time and that the world of sport is continuously evolving will undoubtedly make this upgrade rather difficult. It will be interesting to know whether Gillette intend on modifying this new ad for the UK market, and whether this would mean bringing in Thierry!

Although these stars may not be shining as brightly as they did, they still have a great sense of style. I can't think of too many of the new stars in sport that would have the same appeal. Imagine the same ad but featuring Andy Murray, Rory McIlroy and Wayne Rooney. Doesn't quite work the same does it?

New Gillette Commercial - Stayin' Alive

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