Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Waitrose Pinanas - April Fool Advert

In the 2nd of the day's main Metro April Fool adverts, was this nice and simple entry from Waitrose.

Waitrose Pinanas - April Fool Advert

A cross between a banana and a pineapple, I would imagine such a fruit would taste a little like an Innocent Smoothie (Or is that Smoothy?!).

There is a friendly warning that the Pinanas may be "sold out" in many Waitroses, but you can still get 50% off "essential Waitrose strawberries".

I really like this advert. It is clean, un-complicated, and features a bright colourful image on a bright (and potentially colourful due to the G20 Summit) day.
Well done Waitrose.

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