Wednesday, 1 April 2009

YouTube - April Fool Viewing

Not one to miss out on the April Fool fun, YouTube today has developed a new layout for their videos.

What I shall dub as the "&flip=1" format (due to the fact that by adding this to the end of the usual URL you can have any page in the new format), the whole YouTube page becomes flipped upside-down while still maintaining the individual section layout (e.g. comments below the video).

YouTube "&flip=1" April Fool Layout (click to make larger)

What would be simply a novelty addition to YouTube has been expanded upon with a brilliant set of instructions on how to make the most of the new entertainment experience.

YouTube "&flip=1" Viewing Instructions (click to make larger)

The instructions are quite simple in giving 3 options:
  1. Turn your monitor upside-down

  2. Tilt your head to the side (great cartoon image)

  3. Move to Australia (brilliant)

There is, of course, the reminder at the bottom of today's date!

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