Friday, 8 May 2009

Advanced Search Query Reports - Google Adwords

(***UPDATE: This addition does not appear uniform across all accounts. It is an option on some but not others!***)

The visibility into the minds of consumers has been made a fair bit easier today thank to a tiny amendment made in Google Adwords' "Search Query" reporting process.

To those unfamiliar with the Search Query report, it is simply a report that allows you to see exactly the search terms that people have been searching for within the engine that led to an impression of your ad appearing.

Whilst this has long been an essential tool to the Search Marketing community, it had a small limitation. As the majority of searches made in Google are unique, the report would group these terms together and state something along the lines of "1043 other unique queries".

This means that you are not given the details of what these searches actually are, leaving you unable to fully learn from the consumer behaviour and plan accordingly for this.

However, today a new option appeared within the report criteria, called "Query Depth" (see picture below):

Advanced Search Query Report OptionAdvanced Search Query Report Option

By requesting the "Advanced Query Depth" it is now possible to obtain the FULL list of search queries made.

This is something I have been wanting for quite some time and just adds that little bit of extra knowledge that potentially could go a long way in optimising client accounts.

Thank you Google.


Unknown said...

this is good news. not seeing it yet, but it'll really help me clean up my accounts. I always use the Search Query report to mine for Negative Keywords I haven't thought of yet. Thanks for giving me hope!

Ryan Fitzgibbon said...

No problem!
As well as being a wealth of knowledge to obtain negatives it also gives a far more comprehensive list of long-tail keywords that you can create as exact-match keywords. Reduce the irrelevant traffic and get a few cheaper CPCs at the same time!