Sunday, 21 June 2009

I ♥ Hammersmith

Recently there have been hanging notices on street-lamps around Hammersmith Broadway featuring the slogan "I ♥ Hammersmith".

I Heart Hammersmith Slogan

The body responsible for these banners is not the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham directly, but a not-for-profit limited company called HammersmithLondon
. HammersmithLondon is responsible for delivering a business improvement district (BID) to Hammersmith and was established I Heart Hammersmith Campaignto represent the views of local businesses in Hammersmith town centre. They will then identify and deliver tangible initiatives to benefit local businesses and improve their operating environment.

This campaign has been updated to now read "I ♥ Hammersmith In The Summer" in order to draw in extra business to the area and counter-act "the ever present media misery mood whilst at the same time engender some civic pride".

Although it is not an original idea (The "I ♥ NY" campaign was created in 1977!), it is a rather simple one that is harmless and gives a nice little slogan to run with while the weather is warm and sunshine keeps the public smiling.

The only slight issue I have is that one of the 'deckchair-style' banners that they are running with looks a little too close to the Tesco Value products styling! You wouldn't really want to try and advertise Hammersmith as being of a cheap and lower quality product.

Tesco Value Hammersmith Banner

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Fluteboy said...

Outside M&S too! "This isn't just Hammersmith - this is Tesco Value Hammersmith!"