Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Play Him Off Keyboard Chad

Following the "Chad Vader After Dentist" video it is apparently becoming something of a tradition for Chad Vader to re-create the weirder, yet popular, YouTube videos with his own piece of flair.

In the video below, Chad has filmed a little duet with 'Keyboard Cat' to accompany a slap-stick scene from Season 1 of Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager:

Play Him Off Keyboard Chad

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Keyboard Cat, I recommend spending a little time searching around on YouTube for the many videos featuring Keyboard Cat. The most common use is similar to that of the Family Guy VaudeVille Tributes in that the music is used to distract away from some form of failed stunt or joke.

There is a whole website dedicated to the Charlie Schmidt creation at Play Him Off Keyboard, where some of the best videos are featured. One of my own personal favourites is below:

You Can't Handle The Cat

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