Friday, 3 July 2009

Compare The Meekat - Puppet Theatre Advert

This weekend sees the launch of the 4th main TV advert from Compare The Market featuring Aleksandr Orlov from Compare The Meerkat.

The official backstory to this new commercial goes as follows:

"While doing a rootle around my nursery the other day, I find my old meerkat marionette theatre. Quick as flash, I realise I can use to help my business. So please be excite for theatre spectacular. Show is based on true story of man who ask me for insurance deal at a party and so I battle him with salami."

This actually ties in well with the newspaper interviews the meerkat has been carrying out over the last few days. It does seem that Aleksandr has a small obsession with the concept of salami as a weapon!

The new commercial:

Compare The Meerkat - Puppet Theatre

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