Friday, 24 July 2009

Compare The Meerkat - Sergei Bloopers

The activity surrounding the Compare The Meerkat commercials is continuing to build momentum.

The major development today is the launch of a brand new bloopers video on the Compare The Meerkat website. This is the second blooper video to be created for the website and I still hope that they decide to use some of the content on TV directly.

It could be argued that the cultural penetration of the meerkat commercials has been strong enough that these videos (even without direct branding themselves) would further assist this awareness.

Compare The Meerkat - Sergei Bloopers

In fact, the launch of this new bloopers video also managed to make the front page of this morning's Metro:

Compare The Meerkat - Metro Front PageCompare The Meerkat - Metro Front Page

The story also highlights that, based on Twitter followers, Aleksandr Orlov is now more popular than Lily Allen and Katie Price/Jordan.

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