Wednesday, 1 July 2009

U.R The Night - Smirnoff Facebook Vanity URL

It has been a few weeks since Facebook introduced the vanity URLs ability to their system. The idea is that you can register an address so that it can be easy for users to find your fan page (e.g.

However, today I saw these vanity URLs in action for the first time to promote a Smirnoff "U.R The Night" advert.

The posters I saw were all over West London and were directing people to visit "":

Smirnoff Ur The Night PosterSmirnoff - U.R The Night Poster

The Facebook page highlights upcoming events in the Smirnoff Experience calender, including the opportunity to win tickets to an event at the O2 on the 10th July. At this event they will be filming a music video in which the audience will play a big part.

Smirnoff Ur The Night Facebook PageU.R The Night Facebook Page

The use of the Facebook vanity URL is a great idea for promoting a social-based event, along the lines that bands have been doing with MySpace URLs for a number of years.

It will be interesting to see whether this will become an increasing trend and whether musicians begin to adopt this system in preference to MySpace. It would also be good to see some interesting/innovative use of the format from companies outside of the entertainment/alcohol industries.

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Extreme said...

I think that Facebook is trying to do whatever they can to kill some of the celebrities buzz twitter has been collecting lately. Facebook doing a better job with video posts, images and comments and their huge existing userbase might end up being too hard to overcome for twitter. It is going to be an interesting battle!