Sunday, 16 August 2009

Catching Laptops With His Butt - MSI X-Slim Viral Ad

MSI (the computer motherboard manufacturer) have released a great new viral to correspond with the launch of their new X-Slim Series of laptops.

The viral features a guy (wearing a lovely lycra outfit!) catching laptops between his butt-cheeks that are thrown at him from a series of distances and heights. With over 1.2 million views in just under 6 days, it is proving to be quite the hit on YouTube. However, the number of comments by people that feel that they need to point out that the video is a fake always amazes me. The whole point of virals is to create talking points and entertain, not provide real, true-life stories.

MSI X-Slim Series Viral Ad

The viral makes it clear that it is a tribute to the original Ray-Ban viral that I featured in the very 1st post of this blog!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Viral Ad

In the Ray-Ban viral, the trick was that sunglasses were thrown by one guy to another and he would catch them on his face. This just takes the concept to the next level.

In the Ray-Ban Ad, the trick was accomplished by having the sunglasses pulled off the face using a piece of string. The video was then played backwards to achieve the desired effect. I would doubt that this method was used for the MSI viral as a laptop would be much too heavy to pull using string. The alternative would be a case of some very clever video editing to splice the footage of the laptop being thrown with the footage of a laptop that is stuck between the butt cheeks! Well done.

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