Friday, 25 September 2009

F.A.C.E. The Music

It is not often I get the opportunity to attend live music events, but I was very 'glad' (there is a poor pun there if you continue reading!) that I attended a live music event at The Gladstone (a.k.a The Glad) in Borough, London last night.

The event was organised by the Featured Artists Coalition and the wonderful Elsie Creative Management, with the following featured artists:

Jo Stevens
Michael John
Josh Bray

I highly recommend anybody interested in upcoming musical talents should click each name to go to their respective MySpace pages for a decent sample of their work.

I personally would recommend Michael John's "Devil In The Corner". Song of the evening for me.

The Gladstone is a cosy (but not in a bad way), little pub and I look forward to more live music events there in the future.

F.A.C.E. The Music Flyer

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